Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Framed Art with Nature Kids Activity Lesson with a Nature Walk

In this activity teachers and students should collect elements of nature to use as a medium for art expression. This can be done through a nature walk! Teachers can also bring in other materials that can not be gathered by children (i.e., fruits, veggies, flowers, dry beans) The object for students is autonomy and initiative in deciding which naturalistic materials he/she will use, how he/she will arrange them and why they are arranged in a certain way. Supply children with empty frames for them to configure their art inside. This three dimensional collage process is an open ended activity for children to express themselves creatively while working closely with nature. The intended focus of this experience is on the process that the child uses to create a masterpiece. The final product should be celebrated by taking a photo, showing peers, etc.  Then the process should be repeated as many times as wanted child to express him/herself through art and nature.  Children have an instinctive love of nature and should be given many opportunities to participate in self-expressive and naturalistic experiences. Students natural curiosity and artistic expression are a large part of their love for lifelong learning. 

Students can share their nature finds with the community. You can lay them out on the floor like I did 
or you could have students organize them into baskets or piles. 

It is exciting to see the unique designs that children create, some with careful details,
some on a whim and others with specific intent. 

I love this project and regard these highly as works of art!

This is a center that can be done each season and documented for a student portfolio book.

This activity can be done often as it will capture children's interest and engage them every time.  

Try to use frames of various sizes for children to choose from;  
and so that they can collaborate on their work if desired.  

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