Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Get Ready - July 28th Celebrate Fingeprints

Did you know that your fingerprint is uniquely yours and will never, ever be duplicated by another human being? It is true. And no matter how our bodies change throughout our life, our fingerprints will always stay the same. This is definitely a reason to celebrate! People are similar in that we all have fingerprints but we each have our own exclusive set. The English first began using fingerprints in July of 1858, when Sir William James Herschel first used fingerprints in a business contract in India as a means of personal identification.  Then in the1870's a method of classification was developed for fingerprints by Dr. Henry Faulds. Here is a History of Fingerprints Page that I referenced where you can learn more. In Honor of Fingerprints, here are some Cool Projects and Ideas for Celebrating! 

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