Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Celebrate and Study Egypt - Link Up Resources

Egypt is a fascinating study theme for children. There are many lessons and activities that can be integrated into a Theme or Unit featuring Egypt. Please share your resources, crafts, ideas and lesson plans here! Caregivers, parents, educators and more can have fun utilizing all the wonderful ideas relating to children learning about and celebrating Egypt!

National Geographic Countries of the World: Egypt

from: Random House
National Geographic Kids Everything Ancient Egypt

from: Random House
Egypt - Culture Smart!

from: Random House
The Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Get Ready - July 28th Celebrate Fingeprints

Did you know that your fingerprint is uniquely yours and will never, ever be duplicated by another human being? It is true. And no matter how our bodies change throughout our life, our fingerprints will always stay the same. This is definitely a reason to celebrate! People are similar in that we all have fingerprints but we each have our own exclusive set. The English first began using fingerprints in July of 1858, when Sir William James Herschel first used fingerprints in a business contract in India as a means of personal identification.  Then in the1870's a method of classification was developed for fingerprints by Dr. Henry Faulds. Here is a History of Fingerprints Page that I referenced where you can learn more. In Honor of Fingerprints, here are some Cool Projects and Ideas for Celebrating! 

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

High Value & Low Price Resource for Teaching - Dry Beans

Allow me to introduce you to one of your most valuable and least expensive resources available. It is a bag of dry beans! Seriously, this bag of dry beans cost me $2.49. This mixed bag of beans was one of my favorite product during the 10 years I did child care and early learning. Not only can you create a huge amount of projects for these beans, but just give the kids a bag outside with dishes and spoons and the children will "cook" with them and plant with them for hours. These beans are perfect for sorting. Little hands and fingers benefit from this fine motor activity. Little minds benefit from the science and math.

Use a muffin tin for your child to sort the beans in for a highly beneficial project under three dollars. 

Use beans as math manipulatives!

Use them for little ones to make simple designs. 

Use them to make works of art and mosaics. 

Use dry beans in sensory bins as the base. One of the favorites for my children were using the mixed beans in the sensory table with measuring spoons, measuring cups and containers for "cooking".

Buy bags of one kind of bean for the base in the sensory bin (i.e., Black beans for streets, split peas for grass, white beans for snow,etc)

Put some dry beans in socks and secure with a string for fast beanbags.
(Rubber bands are a serious choking hazard)

Do you have any other great ideas and uses for dry beans that you want to share?
Send me your ideas and/or photos to

Friday, July 5, 2013

All About Magnets - Link Up Resources

Magnets are a source of wonder for children as they learn to manipulate their world within scientific constructs.  Exploring with magnets ignites excitement, fosters a love of  life long learning, and lays the foundation of prior knowledge for future learning. Lets Celebrate Magnets by linking up and sharing posts, activities, projects, lesson plans and and learning resources. Add your posts to the linky and have fun getting some Awesome ideas to use with your child or class!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Fireworks in a Bottle - Magnet Science for Early Learning

This is a fun activity for the Fourth of July or anytime! Easy to make and fun to play with, these pipe cleaner fireworks in bottle are great for little ones! All you need is an empty, clear bottle with cap, strong glue, any color pipe cleaners, scissors and a magnet. Easy Peasy.

1.) Wash and dry a clear plastic bottle (keep the lid).

2.) Cut the pipe cleaners into small strips of various lengths and put inside the bottle.

3.) Put some strong glue on the rings of the mouth of the bottle and attach the cap.

Once dry and secure, give your little one a magnet and the bottle
and they can create fireworks of their own!

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