Friday, June 28, 2013

Magnets Activity Center Early Learning Sensory Bin

There are at least a hundred sensory bins that you can make just for magnets! You can make some to sort what is and is not magnetic to learn about metals and non metals. You can take it a step further and so a metals sensory bin that helps children explore why some metals are not magnetic. You can do iron filings in sand using the magnets to separate the two. You can use strong magnets and lightweight metals to create sculptures. (Just to name a few of my favs!)  In this discovery sensory bin activity I was having the children sort items into two groups. There was a metal cup for the magnetic items and a plastic cup for the non magnetic items. I purposely added metallic painted plastic items so that we would have the opportunity to discuss that the properties of metals or other materials are not always based on sight alone. Some non metallic metals were included to discuss the property of iron causing an attraction to magnets. Your child will love experimenting independently with this activity as well as with you there to scaffold his/her learning.

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