Sunday, June 9, 2013

How to Make Egyptian Hieroglyphic Rubbings

Rubbings are an important part of learning because they give a sensory dimension to assimilating information. They promote gross motor movements. They allow children to capture control and pressure when using a writing utensil. And it is FUN! For the Egypt studies Series I made simple rubbings for the children. 

To make your own you will need:
  •     Cardboard
  •       Pencil
  •     Glue gun and glue sticks

1.) Find pictures of hieroglyphics (or copy mine at the end of this post) 
2.) sketch them onto your cardboard.
3.) Go over the sketches with glue gun lines.

You are done!
Here are the ones that I made for the students. 

Teaching the Lesson

Before introducing the rubbings, we looked at books and other media that exposed the students to hieroglyphics.  The children had discovered that the ancient Egyptians used pictures to tell stories. We looked at hieroglyphics and I had the students try to decipher the stories that they Egyptians were trying to tell. (This is SO FUN to hear their stories!) 

Then when I introduced the rubbings, I suggested that they might use their rubbings to create their own stories. Many of the students put their single rubbings side by side from left to right to tell their stories. Other students put multiple rubbings on one paper to tell their story. 

Learning texture is the beginning of classifying and categorizing. 
It is a major part of sensory experiences that are essential to building knowledge.

Here are a few close ups for you to copy and use for your child. 

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