Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Get Ready - World Power of a Smile Day on June 15th

So this year the International Power of a Smile Day is on a Saturday. This is GREAT because children are likely to see many people when running around with parents this day. Make sure that children know the importance and POWER of a SMILE so that they can spread smiles all day Saturday June 15th. Some great ways to have children feel the Power of a Smile is to help children learn that smiles are often contagious. . . that just by smiling, we have the power to make someone else smile too, which in turn makes them feel happy instantly. Now THAT is some pretty great Power! Like a Smile Superhero.

  • Do an experiment with children by having them smile at someone. Did they smile back? YES! For older children use a graph and see how many returns they get on their smiles.
  • Make smile buttons, badges or ribbons to wear on Smile Day
  • Make smile cards (like business cards) to give out to people on Smile Day
  • Children can draw smiley faces on round stickers (very cheap - often used for garage sales) to hand out on Smile Day
  • Have children watch them in mirrors and practice different smiles - they could draw self-portraits during this time as well
  • Sing "If You're Happy and You Know It" and have children think of new things to do such as "Moo like a cow", "Hug a Friend", "Blink your Eyes", "Say hola", "Show a SMILE", etc.
  • Talk about tooth care
  • Books about Feelings

  • Tie it in to Literacy with the letter "S"
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