Friday, June 7, 2013

Get Ready - Maurice Sendak's Birthday is June 10th!

Maurice Sendak is one of my Favorite Authors and Illustrators of all time and I am not unique in my appreciation and love of his work. He is a favorite to many for his beautiful and brilliant contributions to Children's Literature. As a young girl in Arizona I had a hard bound book of his titled "Very Far Away" that I cherished for its pictures, especially when the little boy dressed up as a cowboy, like people did where I was from! (LOL)

There is much to do to celebrate his life for this Special Day. Most importantly to go get his books from the library and READ READ READ! Little Bear, Where the Wild Things Are, and more of his classics will always be favorites for children.
When the Movie Came out in 2009 inspired by the book Where The Wild Things Are, I was More than Excited! The Movie was Amazing! But, too Dark for Young Children in my Opinion. BUT, one of my son's and my FAV songs is from that movie and it is so FUN and inspirational that I know that you will LOVE it too.  With this song Older children can learn the Lyrics to sing along while Younger Children can have a dance party to the song for Sendak's Birthday!

It is called All Is Love by Karen O and the Kids.

Ideas for projects to go along with this theme are:

Where the Wild Things Are
  • Trace Children on large paper, have them draw Monster Costumes on their Outlines
  • Make Crowns like Max wore in the Book and the children can be Kings and Queens of All the Wild Things
  • Learn to fold paper Boats like Max rode in to cross the sea 
  • Have Each Child choose a Character from the Book and act out the Easy Scenes from the story
  • Have older children write and Illustrate a "sequel" about the next time he Visited the Monsters
Little Bear and Little Bear's Friend
In both these books the animals have a party. In the first book they have Soup for Little Bear's Birthday and in the other book there is a Party at Owl's house with cake. Either if these books are a great read for Sendak's Birthday.
  • Make vegetable Birthday soup to celebrate with a food-tivity!
  • Have children design a costume that might get them to the moon (write and/or draw)
  • Talk about the relationships in the book; how they resolve conflicts, help each other, etc.
  • Children pick characters and act out scenes from the book
  • Make Bear ears/ mask (and other animals from the story)

(Maurice Sendak died in 2012)

Happy Birthday Maurice Sendak!

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