Saturday, June 15, 2013

Get Ready! International Picnic Day is Coming June 18th

This is just a Plain Old Fashioned FUN day for families, friends and schools to get together and spend time enjoying the day! There are so many ideas for this day that I cant possibly list them all so make sure to add Your ideas in the comments below! Planning a picnic whether it be indoors or out is SO FUN for little ones. Kids love a change in routine for a special lunch or snack time. Make sure to involve the children in producing ideas for food and beverage choices.
  • Use this time to discuss why some foods are more suited for picnics (will it melt, be too messy, transport well, etc.)
  • Discuss Food Groups
  • Cut foods from magazines or Grocery ads and glue a balanced meal onto a picnic blanket page
  • Have children physically pick a perfect area for the picnic and discuss what to look for in a picnic spot ( flat ground with no rocks or sharp objects, shade, no bugs nearby, etc.)
  • Figure out how to use recyclable containers and reduce waste! (Talk about the environment)
  • Can children help prepare the foods and pack for the picnic?
  • What will we sit on (children bring individual blankets or towels - or large blankets to share)
  • What will we do at the picnic? (Sing Songs, Tell Jokes, or just enjoy the day?)
  • What will we do after the picnic and clean up? (Play a game, fly a kite, donate food to a pantry)
  • Incorporate the Song "Teddy Bear's Picnic" By Anne Murray
  • With the song above, have children bring a stuffed animal to the picnic (especially if it is indoors to make it a bit more special)
  • Older children can weave picnic blankets from red and white strips of paper
  • Read stories about picnics
  • Have a fancy picnic by hanging hand-made flowers, lanterns, and other art from the trees

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