Monday, May 13, 2013

NASA Kids Club Interactive Online Learning & FUN

The NASA KIDS CLUB is a really fun site for kids elementary school ages. There are cool sound effects that make the experiences realistic and exciting. There are tons of interactive games at 5 different skill levels. Many of the games are math based such as "Addition Blast Off" so that you can incorporate this technology into your math and space units where appropriate. There are photos and history blurbs about past flights and crews. Your child can find out his/her age and weight on the different planets and moons. Puzzles, coloring sheets and the normal resources are all there too, with special sections featuring Elmo and Buzz Lightyear. 

This site is really fun and interactive.

It is great for all elementary grades. 

It has cool sound effects that make the whole experience 
more realistic and exciting. 

Check out the Teachers Area to design your lessons
and let your child check out the fun. . . 

Your child sits at the space station to choose the activities.

They choose a difficulty level from 1 - 5

Then they choose a game, such as

where your child picks from a list of places to visit such as
Niagara Falls, Strait of Gilbralter or Cape Cod
then gets an Arial view and a written description of the geographic terms. 

I also like Addition Blast Off
where your child picks from a grid of numbers to find as many 
numbers that add up to the number shown in the moon.
The more numbers used, the more points your child gets AND you 
have to hurry because the timer is counting down!

and so much MORE!

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