Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Preschool Physics and Engineering Lesson with Ramps

All you need is a lot of cardboard and you will have a wealth of meaningful activities for your child.
In this activity your child will be learning engineering and construction. They will learn theories in physics; gravity, velocity, inclined planes, and speed. If you are doing this with more than one child they will learn teamwork and social skills.

When I made the ramps I wanted the children to have as much flexibility and options to create as possible. Therefore, I used strong but flexible tape for the middle sections. I left enough space between the two pieces of cardboard so that the ramps would bend giving the children the opportunity to vary the inclined planes.

I used some boxes as tunnels that could still be used as ramps. I made some low boxes to wedge the ramps in so that they would stay up.

I included sealed boxes for the children to build the ramps on.

I made cardboard handles on the ramps so that they could more easily move,
balance and hold the ramps in place.

I also left pieces of boxes (as shown in the picture above) to catch the items at the bottom of the ramps.

This is a project that you can fold up into a box and bring out again and again. To make it a new and different experience each time use different items for the children to use on the ramps such as cars, trains, pegs, and balls of varying sizes and types.


  1. This looks super fun! It's even better that it's educational :) TY for sharing!

  2. Great way for the kids to have fun, learn and keep busy off of electronics, or it!

  3. What a great way to teach while kids are learning! Love using cardboard!

  4. We just decided that I will be homeschooling if my son does not want to go to school so I will be following all your great tips for things to do with him, keep them coming I need all the help I can get!

  5. My husband did this just 2 days ago with my son - he LOVED it. He also made a tunnel, which was a huge hit :)


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