Monday, April 29, 2013

4 FREE Things for Kids that make Learning FUN!

It is great when we find free resources for kids. Here are 4 that I found from ecology to origami that will delight and educate your little ones! 

This Coloring Book will introduce you to 
21 endangered plants & animals found in the United States. 
Use your crayons to bring to life 
oceans, swamps, deserts, islands and a variety of plants and animals.

By working together, 
we can share the earth with these
 fascinating species of animals and enjoy them in the wild instead of 
only in the pages of books.
To order a free bound copy of the "Endangered Species Coloring Book" contact:

I LOVE Origami...and it is actually in style for making garland decorations 
from weddings to parties to children's room decor!

I found this free site where your children can follow step-by-step 
tutorials to make cool things...

I was thinking that you can have them 
use unwanted/recycled paper to practice on and then,
when they have perfected their folding skills,
you can download free origami paper on the same site!
I have printed gorgeous paper from this site! 


Gift of Kindness Cards and Poster

I LOVE this site because it teaches children the intrinsic reward 
achieved from performing random acts of kindness
by giving you Free "Kindness Cards" to 
pass along with whatever good deed you do!

"This card enables you to present a tangible reminder 
of kindness to its recipient. 
The purpose of the card is not to elicit a reward or response
 but rather to be used in times of autonomy 
where the recipient can appreciate the act. 
The card draws emphasis to the actual Gift of Kindness 
provided and hopefully prompts the recipient to
 "pass it on" 
by way of providing a kind act to another."

Dont you just LOVE IT?!? 
(your kids will too)

You can also download a free "kindness" poster
for your child's (or family's) wall from the same site.


Save Our Planet by Reducing Waste, Reusing and Recycling!
You can get a Free Membership Kit for your child that includes:

An official membership certificate
An official Planet Protectors Club badge
Activity booklets for grades K-3 and 4-5

Enjoy meaningful time with your child!
If YOU know of any other great resources like these, 
please leave them in the comment section for everyone to enjoy!

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