Friday, June 8, 2012

Eraselet - Win a FREE Pack of Your Choice! (6/18)

How COOL Are Eraselets?

Right now the grade school children in our area of the mid-west 

are collecting Erasers.

They have some in food shapes, sports equipment, characters, animals and more.

The problem is that you cant really use them to erase because they 

dont work very well and besides that, they get all yucky looking right away.

Bracelets are also a big deal in school.

Guys and Girls both wear all sorts of bracelets that represent
who you are and what your interests are.

Want to know something Super Cool???

Really!  They are a bracelet AND an Eraser all in one!

And they dont smudge, rip your paper or look bad when you use them!

You just pull the Eraselet over your thumb and erase your mistake,
just like that.
The idea came from the founders daughter who was misplacing erasers at school
and that is how the best ideas are born. . . through solving a problem!


You Know I LOVE that!
But these Eraselets arent just for me, they are for students!
Students who have used up the erasers on their pencils and cant find the one they 
thought was in their desk.

Your child will save time and frustration not having to use up class time
searching for an eraser!
Teachers and Students will be feeling Happy!

I think that these are a FANTASTIC Idea for schools to order with their 
motto and school name. They can be handed out for special events
and sold at the School Store.

Custom Eraselets
Whether you are looking for an awareness Eraselet® to Erase your cause, an inexpensive fundraising item, or a promotional product for your business to get into the hands of kids, Eraselets are your answer! Kids love Eraselets! Let your custom imprint become a collectable to kids and spread your distinct message!
Custom Eraselets
For information and pricing call Kimberly Ricci at615.497.1447

Great for Promotional Items too for clubs, sports teams, camps, family reunions

 and EVEN for Adults!

I LOVE these (can you tell)?

SO, my son was able to try out one of the packs. 

He loved the cool designs and vivid colors right away!
He thought that they were cool because they were so stretchy.

He was excited to take them to school and use them and show his friends.

He said that they kids liked them so well that my son wants to order them to put

in the goodie bags for his birthday party!

Maybe we can order some custom Eraselets that say something like:

"Thank you for celebrating My Birthday with me, friend!"

So many good ideas and great uses.


You get a chance to WIN a pack for your child!


Just fill out the easy rafflecopter below by clicking "read more".

Good Luck dapper friends.

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  1. I'd like to win the Trend pack - my daughter would like the happy face :) Or the animal pack they're cute too :)


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